Damaged Goods 'n' Tiddly Bits

As an unvetted writer my introduction as a self-published author is anything but lighthearted and taking things slowly. This wee e-book is locked and loaded with intricacies you will not see coming, raising my confidence that you will be captivated by a wide range of thoughts and emotions due to the various forms of humor I utilized to soften the blow of the detrimental effects of unresolved verbal and physical child abuse I endured.

I am deeply convinced that my creative expression to tell my “tale” of a damaged goods life and the tools that were imperative to my healing will benefit those who have lived the same or similar experiences.

For everyone else, I aimed to provide you with a nonstop entertaining time filler if you decide to jump on my wild ride of wordplay.

From the get-go, I could never fathom writing anything other than nonfiction. However, after this writing venture, my imagination has expanded beyond its already wild expressiveness. I am now lifted favorably to leave all literary genres on the table while enticed with the utmost excitement for what I ink up next.

I wrote this as if I were telling my story to close friends. As friends go, I look forward to all the feedback that comes my way.